Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Five Guys versus In-N-Out Burger


I have been an In-N-Out Burger aficionado for many years, and I've recently heard vague rumblings about different competitors such as Shake Shack and Five Guys Burgers and Fries popping up. I just tried out Five Guys for the first time, at Reagan National Airport in DC. Here is my head to head review:

Burger: Five Guys was actually a little better than In-N-Out! I liked the thicker patty, and loved that they offer additional toppings such as green peppers.

Fries: Five Guys' fries were better as well. Their fries are thicker and pretty good, while In-N-Out's are just average, even though they are "freshly cut"... (who cares?)

Price: Five Guys was WAY overpriced! $6 for a cheeseburger and $5 for a large fries? Seriously? But it was at the airport, where everything is overpriced. So it may be priced more reasonably at non-airport locations.

Other Factors:
  • Five Guys gives you a TON of fries. That might be nice if you have someone to share them with, but since I was flying solo, it wasn't that helpful.  And I can't really reward bonus points for contributing to the obesity epidemic.
  • Five Guys is not available in Arizona, which is a big minus since I don't want to have to fly to DC for a burger, no matter how good.
  • Five Guys took a really long time to get the order up. (Could be another airport only issue.) But In-N-Out isn't really very speedy either.
Conclusion: If Five Guys was/were available in AZ, it/they would have probably pulled off the upset victory. However, since they're overpriced, slow, and unavailable without a flight involved, In-N-Out still gets the nod for now.


Stacie said...

But Five Guys IS in Arizona..I've eaten at the one on Val Vista and the 60 in the Dana Park shopping area. Its right by Rumbi Island Grill. At least, thats where it was when I left in March. They are overpriced, I dont like that. I do like that I can add mushrooms to my burgers. But for the price and what you get at In N Out, I'm a loyal fan there.

Annie said...

I was flipping through one of those "Eat this, not that" books recently and read that Five Guys large fries is the worst fast food side you can get. They have them in Knoxville and we've been meaning to try it, but I will probably get a very small order of fries-if any-when we do.

Mark said...

I love 5 Guys! Their smallest fries is "regular" size and it is enough to feed our entire family. It's great! But the real draw for me their delectable (overpriced) burgers. I do have the advantage that there is a 5 Guys 10 minutes away from us.

On the other hand, the big disadvantage to 5 Guys (especially if you have babies) is that they don't have a drive thru.

Ben said...

Veggie burgers all the way. But you gotta love when green peppers and mushrooms are available as burger toppings.

mike said...

FYI, there is a five guys in dwntwn phoenix at the new city center plaza. Although overpriced, it is a great burger.