Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yes it's true I did some actual real work for once

The people that know me in the real estate business know that I never lift a hammer on my remodels. I just write the checks. So they would be shocked, SHOCKED, to hear that this morning I actually did some roof repairs on my own house ALL BY MYSELF!!

I had a few shingles blow off the roof in one of the recent haboobs, and I thought it might be fun to try fixing them myself. I know, that doesn't sound like me, but maybe I'm turning over a new leaf or something, who knows. Before starting, I did watch this quick tutorial on removing and putting back roof shingles.

I thought I'd better provide some photo documentation as proof of this once in a lifetime event.

I was thinking of taking a video, but since I was working by myself I couldn't really capture the actual action. I did get a little video of the materials and tools:

Here are some of the damaged shingles:

The brown stuff on the one above was some stuff called Tanglefoot that we put down for pigeons. Originally it went on clear, but after 6 months it turned brown for some reason. I'll get that cleaned off one of these days.

Here's an owl that we put on to scare pigeons away. (Not related to shingle repair.)

Here's a shot of my oddly shaped roof:


Here's a new shingle that I added. I had it lined up perfectly but then after pounding the nails in I noticed it was about 1/4 inch too low. Oh well, still works:

On this one I didn't want to install the whole new shingle because I would have had to remove the ridge cap shingles (the ones on the peak), so I cut the shingle about 2 inches above the visible portion, and then removed 3 nails from the ridge cap shingles, slid the new shingles underneath, and then put in new nails. I made kind of a mess with the tar but it still works:

Conclusion: It was kind of fun and satisfying to do, but SO hot and sweaty.  And that was only for a few shingles. I'm very glad I'm not a roofer.


Ben said...

Congratulations. Seems like the wrong time of year and place to be doing that work, but otherwise sounds sort of fun. Mark and I helped dad re-roof our house in Missouri about 15 year ago, so I have a little roofing experience myself.

Nate Tanner said...

I didn't realize you guys re-roofed the house in MO. Better put that on your resume. Did you have a nail gun?

Ben said...

No nail gun, just hammers, and working along each row. I don't remember the details too well, but I think that's the only time I ever went up on the high part of the roof.

Mom said...

I believe I got a picture of some of you guys up there on the roof, Benj, when you did that re-roofing (about 3 or 4 of you at once, standing near the edge of the roof).

Mark said...

Nice work.

I do remember re-roofing our house. It was kind of fun (in short stints) though Dad probably did 90% of the work. I can't believe you went on top of your roof in Phoenix in late July. You're lucky you didn't collapse from heat exhaustion and fall off.

Anonymous said...

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