Sunday, July 17, 2011

Know Any Easy Magic Tricks?

When I was home teaching last month I did a magic trick for the kids, who are 2, 5, 7, and 15.  It was the standard magic trick from the mission days where you make a coin disappear by rubbing it into your arm. They loved it. And it sort of even tied in to the lesson about tithing.

Then for this month I figured I had to follow it up with something, so I hopped on youtube and found this one:

My replica quarter wasn't the best. I thought the kids would be able to tell there was something wrong with the quarter, but they actually didn't notice anything wrong, and they couldn't figure out where the quarter disappeared to. Last week I made the coin appear in one of their ears but this time I didn't have anything to make reappear. (I guess I could have used a second quarter for that.)

But now I'm going to keep having to come up with new material, so if you know of any easy magic tricks that will impress kids, especially involving coins, please let me know.


Ben said...

I did that same rubbing-into-arm trick on my mission...I don't know any others. There are a lot of fairly easy card tricks but that might be a little weird for home teaching :)

Mom said...

If you didn't have an exacto knife (or whatever it's called), you COULD just use a pair of scissors to trim off the excess foil, either by holding onto the quarter and the foil (while pressing one finger into the foil while it's still on the quarter, and pressing another finger into the bottom of the quarter), or while holding onto the excess foil, and then after trimming off the excess foil, carefully putting the foil back onto the quarter to turn down the edge of the foil around the quarter.

Mom said...

Also, you're obviously doing a great job as a home teacher!